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My background prior to pivotting to Web Development was in big data and banking. A part of the team I was managing at my last job at Berkshire Hathaway had several devs as direct reports for projects. I became fascinated with what they were doing and this was in a Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP system. When the opportunity came up to adjust my career I embraced coding as my new modus operandi and have not looked back. I am looking forward to a career where I will be constantly learning new things and embracing new challenges.

During my career in banking as an analyst/associate and as a manager/project lead I always had a good idea of what everybody around me was doing. Then my company acquired a company that had a small web development team, and they were folded into my analyst teams organizational structure. Suddenly I was looking at code daily and I was both fascinated and scared. The methodical process of thinking about and approaching a coding project just made sense to me and I decided to launch my coding career and have not looked back since. My career pivot into coding has been both the most challenging and fulfilling thing that I have done in my entire life and I will use the training WDI gave me on how to further teach myself coding throughout the rest of my life and management career.
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Inspired by how bad multi-network tv-guide web applications were I set out to create a video-uploader and tv-guide application. The application allows users to upload videos and display them as tiles for all to see and play.
 With my background in databases building a lean express server quickly was the first step and adding in a 3rd party API call on the back end for the first time on my own was a great learning experience. For the client I focused on getting a working video player both as a large window for my landing page and as smaller sharable tiled windows on the home page while using React for the first time was challenging but ultimately very rewarding and a great way to learn by doing.

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Bag of Holding

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Full-Stack Application Team Project Bag of Holding tech stack: Javascript, jQuery, Mongodb, Mongoose, Express, Heroku, mLab, AWS

Description: A group project focusing on version control with GitHub to recreate Dropbox. In three days.
The application allows users to store any type of file to a custom built remote server using Amazon S3.

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Magic: the Gathering

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Full-Stack Application Project Magic: the Gathering tech stack: Javascript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku

Description: Inspired by the wonderful world of Magic: the Gathering I built a back-end custom API using PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails and built a front-end client with Javascript.

A major focus of the project was simple object oriented development and not allowing scope creep to error out the entire process.